CLIA requires a blended mix of cruise industry training, product training, destination training, and cruise onboard experience in order to be a certified cruise agent. CLIA rewards travel agents who undertake these elements of training and experiences with "CLIA Points”. The number of CLIA Points awarded for each activity is determined by the amount of time and effort involved in the activity.

Not only do these points form the foundation for each of CLIA's certificate levels, their accumulation help agents differentiate against other non-cruise trained agents. In fact, agents with enough accumulated points can be  viewed by the public via CLIA's website and Top 200 Travel Agent section.


CLIA Learning Academy
(20 points/course*)

From Core Units to Electives, every CLIA course completed earns points.
* Cruise Champion = 40 points

Cruise Line Training
(2-20 points)

Various point levels are awarded for respective cruise lines' training, points determined by the length of time it takes to complete

Executive Partner Training
(5 points)

Executive Partner training programs revolve around their business and cruise relations

CLIA Masters
(50-100 points)

Become a Master. 
Select here to learn more

CLIA Virtual & Live Events
(3-40 points)

CLIA hosts various events throughout the year including Webinars, CLIA LIVE, and Cruise360. Points value will be included in event advertising.

Cruise Experience
(20 points*)

*On CLIA Cruise Lines only
* Cruise must be 3 nights or more in duration
*The same vessel can't be added twice within 1 year.
* Cruises taken longer than 3 years ago from the time of entry are invalid.  

Ship Inspection
(10 points*)

*On CLIA Cruise Lines only
*The same vessel can't be added
twice within 1 year. 


The continued dynamic evolution of the cruise industry means that ship inspections and cruise experiences completed 10 or more years ago are less relevant to the current environment.
CLIA Points earned for these experiences have a life-cycle to ensure the experiences remain relevant to today’s industry. Whilst these experiences will remain on your CLIA profile as a record of past achievements, points will be removed after 10 years.

This is to ensure your 'experiences' remain relevant to today's industry.

Note: For those who have achieved any level of certification, a "refresher" course must be completed to renew your certification each year. Please click the Certification button for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I load the points I have earned?

At this stage nothing has changed as far as loading your CLIA Points to your CLIA Profile is concerned. If you are a Master, Ambassador or Accredited you still are! Your profile remains on
Adding cruises, ship inspections and other CLIA approved courses occurs through the My CLIA Professional Development found in the Members Area on
After logging in select 'Add Activity' and follow the instructions.

I have completed a course that was in the Members Hub. What do I need to do to get my points?

You DO NOT have to load this information to your profile, i.e. into My CLIA Professional Development.

All you need to do is ensure that you get to the page "Certificate of Completion" and fill in the details and select CLAIM YOUR CERTIFICATE

This triggers the details into our system. Please allow 48-72 business hours for it to be seen in your CLIA Profile. 

Note: This new history will also show in your Profile (in this Members Hub) under Achievements - however it will not show your FULL HISTORY... only what has been completed in this Members Hub. For your full profile, visit My CLIA Professional Development in the members area of our website.

Why is my Ship Inspection or Cruise Experience not loading?

There are two reasons why these activities are not loading:

  1. The date of the inspection or cruise experience is greater than 3 years of the time of activity.

  2. You are entering the same ship in the same 12 month period. We only accept one cruise per 12 months per cruise ship. IF a ship returns from drydock after a refurbuishment within the same 12 months, please contact i[email protected] as we monitor this as a case by case basis.

What is an Endorsed Course?

These are external courses that CLIA has vetted as appropriate training content to earn CLIA Points, and are always pre-assessed.
An Endorsed Course is most often a cruise line course that sits on the cruise line's agent portal. You will need to add this course to your "My CLIA Professional Development".
CLIA completes courses that are requested to be Endorsed Course, uses a framework to assess time and effort, and awards points respectively.
We are currently working on a protocol that will allow you to see all CLIA Endorsed Courses, however in the meantime, if you try to add an Endorsed Course to your CLIA Profile, if you don't see it in the drop down menu - then it often means it has not been approved as yet (if it is a new course) or CLIA have deemed the content not long enough to earn points (note this is not a reflection of the quality of the course, only a reflection of time and effort in comparison to existing courses that have been historically approved).

I have just attended a luncheon hosted by a cruise line. How do I get my points?

Only pre-approved hosted events such as Roadshows or Information Evenings are recognized for point recognition. There are strict instruction that CLIA provides to the cruise line including content, quiz to ensure learning, as well as capturing agent's CLIA ID numbers - all of which are provided to us from the cruise line. 

Therefore, IF you do attend a pre-approved Roadshow or Information Evening that is hosted by a Cruise Line that have points associated with it, WE will get that information from the cruise lines and upload onto your profile. You don't have to do anything.